Don Quijote

Usefull items, souvenirs – all brought together at this Low Price Hall of Fame!

Don Quijote store has become a synonym of a discount
store. This Isezakicho Store’s shopping area is wide – one underground floor and four above-the-ground floors, and it is opened 24 hours a day. The place is always crowded with customers – both from Japan and abroad.

“Made in Japan” lineup – cosmetic goods, that are popular among foreign
customers. Don Quijote is a trend-sensitive store, so you will probably find a brand that you like.

A big choice of medicine. Kids goods, too.

Pay attention to this hidden-popular item! Meet personal stamps (hanko)
vending machine.  Japanese hanko are very popular among foreign
customers. Recently it was not so easy to get one for a foreigner – but now the problem is solved because of the machine’s existence. The machine makes alphabet based hanko as well as the ones with your name, converted to kanji. The materials vary- choose the one
that suits you most  – 500-yen rubber hanko or beef-horn example.

Enter your name using alphabet letters and the machine will automatically convert it to kanji. Choose the combination you like from candidates offered at the display.  Now choose the material, and your hanko will be ready in 10 minutes. Get one for yourself and for your friends abroad!

Here is the second-hand brand store. Because all items are properly cared, many of them look like completely new ones – so it might be a good bargain.

It’s OK to buy many souvenirs during your trip – because suitcases are sold here and they are very cheap.

Character costumes are a part of a Japanese culture. Get a costume of Pikachu or other favorite character!

The 4th Floor Tax Free corner. Get a warm greeting from the
foreign-language speaking staff.

Aside the Tax Free corner there is a lineup of Japanese favorite snacks and sweets. It is also convenient to buy many at one time.



  • Don Quijote

  • 1人でもOK。地上65階にある茶室でお点前を初体験