MARK IS Minatomirai

Food Court at MARK IS Minato Mirai 4F. There are about 10 stores including Japanese, Western and Chinese. Within the large seating area (in the food court) there is a kids area with low desks and kids chairs. There is also a "baby break room" near the kids area, and Mom is a great help. In addition, there is a hand-washing place and a self-made water server in the center, and the hand-washing place is fully equipped for children.
  • Shop/Spot name
    MARK IS Minatomirai
  • Address
    3-5-1 Minatomirai Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa

    MARK IS Minatomirai 4F
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  • Business hours
    Mon-Thu 10: 00-20: 00 / Friday-Sun, Holiday, and Public Day 10:00-21:00