Yokohama cruise

"Yokohama Cruise" is a reserved cruise that gives you a feeling of the present and the past of Yokohama. This cruise is called "Social tour that can be done because it is a ship". You can feel the scenery, buildings, factories, etc. that can only be seen from the sea up close, and in the latter half of the cruise, there is an introduction to Yokohama when Perry arrived. I'm looking forward to the guide's live voice guidance during the cruise. There is also a 3-choice quiz question. I didn't know, "What was Yamashita Park reclaimed?" "Osanbashi is said to resemble a certain sea animal when viewed from the front, but what is it?" Lots of things! It seems to be exciting when you come with friends and family. This Yokohama cruise is the only sightseeing cruise that passes through Honmoku Wharf, which is lined with gantry cranes like giraffes.
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    10: 45/12: 00/13: 15 (approx. 55 minutes) Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays * Temporary suspension