Invitation of free participation in Minatomirai online tour

We, Yokohama Minato Mirai 21 Corporation, holds a "Minatomirai Online Tour" where you can discover the charm of Yokohama Minatomirai 21 for foreign residents of Japan.

Those who like or have interests in Minatomirai can participate for free for a limited time from December 2020 to February 2021!

An English-speaking concierge who is familiar with the Minatomirai area will host a small group tour using an online conference tool (zoom).
Why don't you join the online tour and enjoy communicating with the host along with experiencing the charm of Minatomirai that you did not know?

The corresponding language of the tour is English, but Japanese people can also join us if they can speak simple daily English.

For participants only, there will be a special gift to further enjoy Minatomirai!
The schedule is around midday and evening of weekdays and weekends; we look forward to your participation!

【Details of Online Tour】
[Minatomirai full enjoyment Online Tour]
■ Period: December 2020-February 2021 (Applicable now)
■ Time required: Approximately 1 hour
■ Number of participants: 1 to 6 people
■ Supported languages: English
■ Participation fee: Free
■ Application deadline: at 6pm, 3 days before the desired date
■ Tour content (Planned)
- Unexpectedly unknown! Minatomirai History
- Virtual experience of the Minatomirai enjoyment route recommended by the host!
- Seen only on this tour!? Overlook Minatomirai from the sky
* Tour contents are subject to change

[Introduction of host (guide)]
I will tell you about the history and the charm of Minatomirai, which is not well known even among Japanese people!
you can feel free to join us from the comfort of your home.
I look forward to seeing you all.
* The concierge will be held in collaboration with "WANDER COMPASS Shibuya (Tourist Information Center)".

[Participation Details]
■ December date and time
12/4 (Fri.)    ①11:00-12:00 ②17:00-18:00
12/5 (Sat.)   ①11:00-12:00 ②15:00-16:00
12/6 (Sun.)  ①10:00-11:00 ②14:00-15:00
12/7 (Mon.)  ①11:00-12:00 ②17:00-18:00
12/11(Fri.)    ①11:00-12:00 ②18:00-19:00
12/12(Sat.)   ①11:00-12:00 ②16:00-17:00
12/13(Sun.)  ①11:00-12:00 ②17:00-18:00
12/14(Mon.)  ①11:00-12:00 ②17:00-18:00
12/18(Fri.)    ①11:00-12:00 ②18:00-19:00
12/19(Sat.)   ①11:00-12:00 ②15:00-16:00
12/20(Sun.)  ①10:00-11:00 ②14:00-15:00
12/21(Mon.)  ①11:00-12:00 ②17:00-18:00
12/25(Fri.)    ①11:00-12:00 ②17:00-18:00
12/26(Sat.)   ①11:00-12:00 ②15:00-16:00
* For January and February 2021, recruitment will be made in the previous month.
■ Place: We will provide the tour online using zoom, so please participate in a quiet place with an internet connection. That’s all you need.
■ Participation conditions: Those who can use the zoom app

[How to apply]
Please specify the desired date and time from the application form below and apply.
You can select multiple desired dates and times.
At a later date, the host will email you the date and time you can join and the zoom link.

Application form:
* If you wish to take the tour in Japanese, select "Japanese" on the registration form.
We may adjust the tour participation date.

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