Taxi stand

Convinient taxi stands that are good to keep in mind

There are several hotels at Minato Mirai
21 so when you need a taxi you can always go their entrance. Still, sometimes you have too many luggage or just too tired to walk to the hotel, so it might be good to know the convenient taxi stops.
By the way, taxi trip from Minato Mirai 21 to Motomachi-Chūkagai
will cost you 1290 Japanese yen.

Taxi stop in front of JR Sakuragi-cho
station is the one you can always count on as there are always several standby cars here.

Taxi stop at Queen’s Square first
floor is a surprisingly blind spot. It is right at the entrance of Queen’s
tower C, so it is connected to Minato Mirai station, too.

Red Brick Warehouse is a bit far from the station. If you are a bit tired after a long sightseeing, it is nice to have taxi stop nearby.




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  • Taxi stand

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