Old House Home of the House

In this facility, the building was donated by Yukio Nozaki and the land was donated by Ken Kawahara in 1995, and Ninomiyacho used it as a place for lifelong learning, but I hope that more people will use this wonderful space It was decided to operate in the private sector. We hope that you use your ideas for events and club activities and hand them over to the next generation. It should be noted that the outdoor toilets, which had caused inconvenience to all guests, were significantly repaired, and flush toilets were installed indoors, the tatami mats in all rooms were renewed, and the corridor boards were redesigned, making them easy to use. Yes. A typical building in the Ninomiya region, built around 1890, has a dorma- and rice-shaped room, and has 42 tsubos.
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    Old House Home of the House -->
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    No. 432, Ninomiya-cho, Nakagun, Kanagawa Prefecture
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    Existence (30 units)



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  • Iseyama Kotai Shrine

  • Yokohama Naritasan

  • Nippon Yusen Hikawa Maru