kosha33 is a multipurpose pace provided by Kanagawa Housing Supply Corporation as one of its public roles. We, Kanagawa Prefectural Housing Supply Corporation, have set up “Kosha33” with the theme of “lifestyle renovation” as one of its public roles. Four spaces have been created on the Nihon Odori Street in Kanagawa Prefecture, utilizing the locations of "Studio", "Cafe", "Life Design Lab" and "Event Hall". We aim to be a place where people come together and interact with various cultures to create a synergistic effect. We propose "lifetime rentals" in line with life design and disseminate information about housing and living. << Kosha33 Studio >> A rental space that can be used as a studio, gallery, various events, presentations, and conference rooms. 《Kosha33 Café》 A place to relax for everyone on Nippon Odori, which leads to the development of healthy menus, the training of cooks, and the revitalization of the community. 《Kosha33 Life Design Lab》 Contribute to the suburbs of Yokohama and the area, and use it as a space for the child-rearing generation and children to learn and notice. 《Kosha33 Hall》 Please make use of the location of Nippon Odori according to the scene such as various events and seminars.
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    Kesha33 -->
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    33 Nippon Odori, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
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