ST Spot Yokohama (formerly ST Spot Steering Committee) was organized by volunteer citizens as the governing body of the small space "ST Spot" established by Yokohama City in November 1987. In April 2000, ST Spot Yokohama organized a board of directors, and in June 2004, it acquired legal personality and established "Specified Nonprofit Corporation ST Spot Yokohama" (hereinafter, NPO corporation ST Spot Yokohama). With the opening of the ST Spot, local theater activities have rapidly become active. Since then, it has become an activity base for young artists such as dance, music, video, and art. We are making efforts to bring about organic expansion such as business development, information service provision, network construction to promote these creative activities, expanding the base of local and domestic performing arts, and producing many young talents. .. In April 2004, we established an art education business. Focusing on collaboration with the government, we are developing businesses specializing in art education, such as dispatching artists to schools, training professional human resources, and developing programs for the sound development of children and the spread of art. I am. Although it is the smallest in the city, the ST spot, which has great potential, is positioned as a new management model for public private theaters, and we are continuing our activities as a non-profit organization responsible for promoting art in a broad sense.
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