Hiratsuka is located in the center of the coast of Sagami Bay facing the Pacific Ocean, 50km southwest of the capital Tokyo, and was reborn as one of the post towns on the Tokaido during the Edo period. Today, the city has a total area of 67.88 square kilometers, a current population of about 260,000, and is blessed with a warm climate and abundant nature. Many artists have lived in the area called "Shonan" including Hiratsuka since the Meiji era (end of the 19th century) and have been developing an art movement. For example, the magazine "Shirakaba", which had a great influence on Japanese modern art and literature, was developed in Kamakura, and Ryusei Kishida's Kugenuma, which pursued a new style of oil painting, was developed in Kugenuma. Since then, many writers have been active until now. It was not long after the war that the construction of an art museum was started in Hiratsuka. At the center were the artists in the area who voluntarily held the exhibition during the recovery from the air raid. In the early 1960s, their movement to donate works by artists to the city began, and following the construction of schools, public halls and libraries, the Hiratsuka City Museum opened in 1976, and the art department was established there. .. After that, as with the nationwide movements for lifelong learning and museum construction, the Hiratsuka Museum of Art Construction Research Committee was established in 1984, and concrete movements toward opening began in 1986. In 1986, the Hiratsuka Museum of Art Construction Basic Plan was formulated, and then construction work and business preparations began, and the museum opened in March 1991. Since its opening, as an art museum located in the center of the Shonan area, the main theme is <Shonan art and light>, and by offering excellent art from home and abroad to people's appreciation in a good environment, the citizens' understanding of culture is deepened. We have implemented various projects with the major purpose of stimulating the motivation for creativity and learning. We will continue to play a part in the maturation of the culture of the Shonan area and strive to enhance the museum activities so that many people will be familiar with it.
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  • Address
    1-3-3 Nishiyawata, Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture
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  • Business hours
    [Opening hours] 9:30 to 17:00 (However, admission is until 16:30) [Closed days] Mondays (opens if Monday is a holiday and closed the next day), year-end and New Year holidays (December 29 to January 3) (Sun) * Even on the opening day, the exhibition room may be closed due to exhibition changes. Citizen's art gallery, library corner, and information corner are available.
  • Parking
    Yes (charged) [Usage time] 8:00 to 22:00 * Only the parking lot can be used even on closed days. [Capacity] 67 units (2 spaces for wheelchair users, etc.) * Please use public transportation as much as possible as it may be full.
  • Average usage
    [Admission fee] <Special exhibition> General ¥ 200, High school / university student ¥ 100 (Special exhibitions vary depending on the exhibition.) * For groups of 20 or more, special exhibitions are discounted by 3 and special exhibitions are discounted by 2. * With the special exhibition admission ticket, you can see the special exhibition only on the day of the special exhibition. * If you would like to see only the special exhibition during the special exhibition period, please contact the reception. <Free for the following people> ○ Junior high school students and younger, high school students every Saturday. ○ Hiratsuka citizens over 65 years old. (Group discount for those aged 65 and over who live outside the city) ○ Persons who have received various disability certificates and one attendant. * Please be sure to show a certificate that confirms your age and address, a disability certificate, etc. at the reception. If you do not show it, you will be required to pay the general admission fee. ○ When a high school student in Kanagawa Prefecture or a person equivalent to this is viewed by a leader as an educational course. ○ Viewing by a public hall sponsored project in Hiratsuka city.



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