fujisawa shiminkaikan

The Fujisawa City Concert Hall was opened in October 1968 with the aim of contributing to the improvement of citizen culture and the promotion of welfare. Large halls, small halls, and exhibition halls are used by many citizens as facilities to promote their cultural activities and provide them with excellent opportunities to appreciate art and culture. In addition, meeting rooms and conference rooms are also widely used by citizens.
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    fujisawa shiminkaikan -->
  • Address
    8-1 Kugenumahigashi, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture
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  • Business hours
    9:00 to 22:00 [Closed] (1) Monday (However, if Monday is a holiday, the museum is open), (2) The day after the holiday (However, if the day after the holiday is Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday, the museum is open) , (3) From December 28th to January 4th of the following year
  • Parking
    No (There is no parking lot dedicated to the civic center, so please use the parking lot at Okuda Park <charged>)