Sea house Asia

Located in the center of the Kamakura coast, at Kamakura Central Beach, Asia is full of tropical mood using natural palms and domestic building materials. It is a local seaside house that locals and families can enjoy with peace of mind. Dishes using plenty of fresh Kamakura vegetables from the vegetable garden "Asia Farm", Genghis Khan of helmet presents, yakitori and shaved ice. The morning set meal that you can enjoy on the beach in the early morning is also very popular. And there are lots of local art such as live performances, photo exhibitions and exhibitions that you can listen to with the setting sun. A resort space that is comfortable for all five senses. At the time of the Kamakura Fireworks Festival, it is very close to the launch spot, so many customers get excited.
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    Sea house Asia -->
  • Address
    5-6-26 Zaimokuza, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture



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