Ebina City Folk Museum "Ebina City Onsenkan"

This building was completed in 1918 as the Ebina-mura government office building. It is a modern building at the cutting edge of the times, and was built with an architectural style known as the county office style. After that, Ebina City renovated a part of this building and opened it in October 1982 as Ebina City Local Museum "Ebina City Onshikan". We have contributed to the development and improvement of local culture by collecting, storing, and displaying documents, records, folk, archaeological and other materials related to the history of the local area. The Onsen Museum was opened as a "remains exhibition hall" in 1926 in line with the designation of the Sagami Kokubunji site as a historic site. This name and material were taken over when the Local Museum was opened in 1982. On the 1st floor, high schools and historical materials (stone tools, earthenware, Kokubunji tiles, etc.) are displayed. On the 2nd floor, with the theme of "clothing, food, and living," materials for learning about the life of the common people, such as life tools and farm tools for the Meiji, Taisho and Showa eras, are on display.
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    Ebina City Folk Museum "Ebina City Onsenkan" -->
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    1-6-36 Kokubun Minami, Ebina City, Kanagawa Prefecture
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    [Opening hours] 9:00 to 17:15 (Last admission until 16:30) / [Closed days] Year-end and New Year holidays (other times may be temporarily closed)
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    Existence (free/two)
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    [Usage fee] Free



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