Former Kita Ashigara Junior High School

The former Kita Ashigara Junior High School, which is the setting for "Ashigara Art Forest," was originally a Navy research institute. After that, it was relocated to a building (a villa of Hyosung Junior High School) where foreigners were temporarily detained during the war, and the students, teachers, and residents worked together to repair it. After the war, at the very time when Japan was about to crawl up, people were covered in soil, felled and assembled trees, and spent many years building them. Altitude 232m. The school building on a small mountain has a history of people learning and living, which Yaguradake and Mt. Ashigara have watched over. Closing ceremony in 2010. In 63 years, 1910 students were sent out and the school was closed.
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    Former Kita Ashigara Junior High School -->
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    2586, Uchiyama, Minamiashigara City, Kanagawa Prefecture



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