Known as "Oyama's Fudo-san," it is one of the three major Fudo in the Kanto region and the number one bill in the 36 Fudo in the Kanto region. It is said to be the founding of the Betto Rōben monk at Todaiji Temple in Nara in 755. During the Bun'ei era, the statue of Fudo Myo, Nidoji, which was cast by a priest of the Buddhist priest, is designated as an important cultural property of the country. Tokugawa Iemitsu said that it was the blessing of this Fudo Myo that escaped the difficulty of the suspended ceiling of Utsunomiya, and it is said that he was deeply devoted to this temple, and the Kasuga Bureau has also visited it. The bright autumn leaves in front of the gate will delight the eyes of many tourists. <Access> Isehara Station North Exit No. 4 Bus Stop (for Oyama Cable) 30 minutes Get off at the end point 15 minutes on foot Cable car 2 minutes Get off at "Oyamadera"
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    Oyamadera -->
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    724 Oyama, Isehara City, Kanagawa Prefecture
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    [Business Hours] 9: 00-17: 00 Open all year round
  • Parking
    Oyama Cable Car There is a municipal second parking lot near Oyama Cable Station (Municipal first parking lot can be large)