Hakone-jinja Shrine

At Hakone Shrine, Mangan Shonin, who is practicing Nyubu in Mt. Hakone in the first year of Tenpyo-hoji in the Nara period (757) It is an old shrine that celebrated 1261 years. During the Kamakura period, Minamoto no Yoritomo deeply worshiped the company and created the style of two places of worship. Since then, it has been revered by samurai such as Mr. Hojo and Ieyasu Tokugawa, a warlord of the Warring States. It prospered as a company and as a sacred place for training. In the early modern period, along with the development of Hakone Road, it became a sacred place for the common people's worship, and it became a sacred place for the common people's worship, and it became safe for good luck, fulfillment of wishes, protection of good luck, and transportation Hakoneyama worship has become even more prosperous as a god with high godliness. On both sides of the approach from the peaceful torii gate on the shores of Lake Ashi to the main shrine, rows of old cedar trees over 6 to 800 years old stand out and show the appearance of a forest, and are painted in red. Behind the shrine, a pure forest of Himeshara, a natural monument of the prefecture, spreads out, and in the pond of Gongen Mitarai, Lake Ashi, the torii gate of peace of vermilion and the sacred mountain, Fuji are reflected wonderfully. It is a shrine embraced by nature. In addition, the Kuzuryu Shrine (Shingu / Hongu), which is the last shrine, has received grave faith as a god of good luck, prosperity of business, and marriage, as well as the prosperity of good luck. Many worshipers from all over the country come to visit the festival (Tsukinamisai). <Benefits> Good luck, good luck, fulfillment of wishes, protection of good luck, traffic safety, marriage, family safety, prosperous business <God of God> Hakone Ogami [ Access] Get off at "Odawara Station" on the Tokaido Line / Odakyu Odawara Line, take a bus bound for "Hakone Town / Motohakone" for 60 minutes, and get off at "Motohakone" or "Hakone Shrine Entrance" bus stop for 10 minutes on foot.
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    Hakone-jinja Shrine -->
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    80-1 Motohakone, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa
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    Free to worship Open all year round (The treasure hall is temporarily closed due to exhibition changes) Parking lot 7:00 to 17:00
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    180 units (free)
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    None (Treasure Hall ¥ 500 Adults ¥ 300 Group discount 25 people or more)