Hukazawa Zeniarai Benzaiten

A white snake appeared on the dream pillow of a businessman who often stayed at Tonosawa Onsen in the Taisho era, and in 1918 he built a small stone shrine in the place where pure water was flowing and worshiped it. Begins. When you listen carefully, you can only hear the chirping of wild birds and the babbling of mountain water, creating an atmosphere full of natural energy. Facing the up platform of Hakone Tozan Railway Tonosawa Station, it is also known as Benzaiten in a very rare location where you can take a picture of the torii and the mountain train together when you look at the platform from the precincts when the train is coming. .. It is believed by the business community and merchants that washing money with water in the precincts called "Benten Healing Water" will increase the number of times and improve your fortune. First, visit Benzaiten with a pure feeling and wash your money with the dipper and colander prepared in the precincts. It is said that it is more profitable to spend the washed money. The annual festival on May 11th every year. In addition to Daruma dolls, which have a reputation for being profitable, the up-home shop also sells bills. <Access> Immediately after getting off at Tonosawa Station on the Hakone Tozan Railway
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    Hukazawa Zeniarai Benzaiten -->
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    Tonosawa, Hakone Town, Kanagawa Prefecture
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    No time specified / Free walk / Open all year round
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