Kuramae Gallery

It is a base for art and artists who use the main store and built-in stores of rice stores in the early Showa era. On the first floor, there is a gallery and a sales space where you can exhibit differently, such as dirt floors, warehouses, and tatami mats. On the 2nd floor, there are kitchens, toilets, ateliers, culture rooms, offices, etc. Since its founding in 2006, we have created a plan to create new art by actually using historic buildings, and have supported all people to enjoy art together regardless of their disabilities. Since the building is in the early Showa era, we are planning to make use of the Japanese seasons and events. Last year, we held the Yoneju Festival at the building, and we had the support of neighboring people, and we feel the role and role of the area. I would like to continue so that art can be recognized as an important thing in my present life, an expression of the heart I want to leave.
  • Shop/Spot name
    Kuramae Gallery -->
  • Address
    630-1 Fujisawa, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Tel
  • Business hours
    Indefinite (corresponding to the needs of users) / Basic 10:00 to 18:00 [Closed days] Indefinite (corresponding to the needs of users)
  • Credit card
  • Parking
  • Reserve
    Yes (I would like to discuss how to use it, so please inquire by phone, see and make a reservation)
  • Average usage
    On the 1st floor, you can freely watch the exhibition (if you plan a project, one place is half a day from 5,000 yen). The second floor is limited to those who use it for reservations (1,000 yen per hour).



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