Bluff No. 18

Bluff No. 18 Building, which was relocated to a part of the Italian Garden, is a foreigner's house built at 45 Yamate-cho after the Great Kanto Earthquake. After the war, it became the property of the Catholic Diocese of Yokohama (currently the Catholic Diocese of Yokohama) and was used as the priesthood of the Catholic Yamate Church until 1991. The building is a two-story wooden structure. The first and second floors have a central corridor-type flat structure, while retaining the characteristics of pre-earthquake foreign houses such as French tile roofs, fireplace chimneys, bay windows, raising and lowering windows and armor doors, and south balconies and solariums. , The outer wall is finished by spraying mortar in consideration of disaster prevention, making the best use of the experience of the earthquake. In addition, a survey at the time of dismantling revealed that a part of the house at 45 Yamate, which was built before the earthquake, was used as a member to avoid collapse and fire caused by the earthquake. In 1991, Yokohama City received a donation of materials and relocated and restored it in the Yamate Italian Garden. The inside of the building reproduces the lifestyle of foreigners' houses during the reconstruction period (late Taisho period to early Showa period), and the Yokohama furniture made in Motomachi was restored and exhibited, and has been open to the public since 1993. .. In addition, the annex building leading to the main building is used by citizens as a rental space.
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    16 Yamate-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
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