Taniuchi Rokuro Pavillion

Rokuro Taniuchi was in charge of the cover picture of "Weekly Shincho" for 26 years from 1956 (Showa 31). The total number of original images is about 1,300. Among them, there are not only old-fashioned, nostalgic scenes, but also original drawings with dark emotions such as anxiety and fear, and original drawings with witty scenes that are typical of Taniuchi. At the Taniuchi Rokurokan, we are exhibiting mainly such original cover paintings. The Taniuchi Rokurokan has an elongated exhibition room and a square exhibition room that is separated by a courtyard. The space will be used for exhibitions centered on the <Weekly Shincho Cover Painting> stored in the Yokosuka Museum of Art. There are more than 1,300 works depicting various scenes, so even those who are accustomed to Shukan Shincho may discover something new every time they come to Taniuchi Rokurokan. We will also exhibit related works and materials to introduce the world of Rokuro Taniuchi, who is full of nostalgia. <Access> From "Maborikaigan Station" on the Keikyu Line, take the Keikyu Bus bound for "Kannonzaki" and get off at "Kannonzaki Keikyu Hotel / Yokosuka Museum of Art" and walk for 2 minutes.
  • Shop/Spot name
    Taniuchi Rokuro Pavillion -->
  • Address
    4-1 Kamoi, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture
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  • Business hours
    [Opening Hours] 10: 00-18: 00 [Closed] First month of every month (however, open on public holidays), 12 / 29-1 / 3, other temporary closures
  • Parking
    120 units (5 large buses, 7 motorcycles) Free for 1 hour for those viewing the exhibition, exemption for those with a disability certificate (excluding large vehicles such as buses)



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