Infinite (flying) Unendlich

Writer name: Tomitaro Nachi Title of work: Infinite (flying) Unendlich Year of production: 1986 Material: Stainless steel Size: H3.1 x W4.9 x D3.6m Installation location: Yokohama Landmark Tower 1F Outdoor 1924 Born in Yokohama City. Lives in Germany. When he was an aircraft engineer, the artist realized that light and movement were lacking in contemporary art, and went to Germany to start his production activities. The work is called Rihito Kinetic (sculpture of light and movement), and the stainless steel surface reflects light to be conscious of movement. In addition, by reflecting the surrounding landscape, colors that are more beautiful than the actual colors appear. This is an award-winning work at the "Minato Mirai 21 Sculpture Exhibition Yokohama Biennale '86".
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    Infinite (flying) Unendlich
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