Writer name: Esther Albardane Work name: Family Production year: 1997 Material: Painted on iron Size (HxWxD): Father: 222 x 74 x 68 cm, Mother: 160 x 98 x 68 cm, Dog: 84 x 64 x 62 cm Installation location: Queen's Square Yokohama Queen's Park (outdoor) Born in 1947 in Spain. The motif is a father with a child, a mother with a child on her shoulder, and a dog clinging to her. Dogs symbolize family relationships, along with emotions such as mood, vitality, and joy that arise from family ties. The connection between a mother and a dog represents the bond that animals and babies have, which is connected to the world of intuition, which is communication that does not mediate words. Here is the author's idea that the family is and should be the beginning of life.
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    2-chome, Shinko, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa