Circulation / (Kaiyuu / Mobius · 1)

Writer name: Kisaburou Kawakami Title: Kaiyu / MOBIUS.1 (Kaiyuu/Mobius.1) Year of production: 1999 Material: Aluminum, paint size: H220×W190×D60cm Location: Yokohama Media Tower 1F Front entrance hall Born in 1945 in northeastern China. Lives in London. In the monotone entrance hall, the Mobius ring of Niren emits vivid colors of blue and yellow that can be easily read from a distance. The writer said, "The people who provide the technology to communicate with the earth, the earth and the universe, the endless process of the brain is exactly the dream corridor itself, and the artwork is in line with the suggestion of science. I created this work with the thought of "I want it." The Nimure Mobius ring represents the independence and cooperation of "NTT FACILITIES" and "NTT DOCOMO, INC." which own the Yokohama Media Tower.
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    Circulation / (Kaiyuu / Mobius · 1)
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    4-chome Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa