Friends from space

Artist name: Akemi Nishida? Title of work: Friends from outer space Year of production: 2004 Material: Object Aluminum casting modeling + stone modeling 2 bodies Size: H195 x Φ40 cm H145 x Φ40 cm H145 x Φ35 cm H105 x Φ35 cm Installation location: Fuji Soft Building 2F Lobby Gallery Born in 1948. The four works of? ~? Are produced with a unified image of the entire space. The mural "Fuji" is a mosaic of the sun and children who have the potential for the future as a symbol of energy around Mt. Fuji, which symbolizes "FUJISOFT ABC", and communicates with the Internet society. The golden light shining in the image of continuation. The floor painting "Hado in the 21st Century", which combines fine ceramics (representing eternal continuation as an unchanging material) and Betri (traditional Italian gold leaf glass mosaic used since ancient Roman times), is a mural painting "Fuji" from the floor. It is an image of running up to. Both are works that convey the corporate philosophy as art. The work of this artist can also be seen on the walls and floor of Queen's Square Yokohama (work name: Funade).
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    1-chome Sakuragicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa