Hirobumi Ito's Old Villa in Kanazawa

Former Ito Hirobumi Kanazawa Bettei is a country-style beach villa with a thatched roof built in 1898 by Hirobumi Ito, who was the first Prime Minister. It is said that Hirobumi Ito liked to build the scenic land of Kanazawa, and the Emperor Taisho and the Crown Prince of Korea also visited. In the Meiji era, the area around Kanazawa such as Tomioka attracted attention as a beach villa near Tokyo, and Masayoshi Matsukata, the 4th and 6th Prime Minister, Kaoru Inoue, who served as Minister of Finance and Foreign Minister, and Kawai, a master of Japanese painting Tamado and others have set up villas. After that, Oiso and Hayama prospered as villas, and Kanazawa finished its role. The former Hirobumi Ito Kanazawa Bettei is one of the few valuable architectural remains of the villa area at that time. In November 2006, it was designated as a tangible cultural property designated by Yokohama, but due to the remarkable deterioration of the building, dismantling work and investigation were conducted in 2007, and the non-existing part was removed. Including, it will be restored to its original appearance. Construction began in June 2008, and was completed in October 2009 along with the garden. In the residence, materials and furnishings related to Hirobumi Ito are exhibited. In addition, the garden overlooks the sea, and you can enjoy the flowers of the four seasons, including the Kanazawa Ward flower "Button," which is open to the public as a place of relaxation for citizens who come into contact with history and culture. <Access> 5 minutes walk from Nojima Koen Station on the Seaside Line
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    24 Nojima Park, Kanazawa Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
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