Shanghai Cuisine

You can enjoy your meal in an exotic atmosphere with the concept of "Old Shanghai" in the 1920s, which was described as "Paris in the East" for authentic Shanghai cuisine in a space full of exoticism. A corner of Shanghai cuisine, such as light-flavored stir-fried dishes that make use of the characteristics of the ingredients using seasonal seafood and vegetables, deep and rich stewed dishes such as fluffy fins and pork roses, and homemade dim sum such as Xiaolong wrap. There are about 300 kinds of menus that you can enjoy. While inheriting the tradition, it is finished in a healthy way with less oil and salt in line with the times. All the staff are looking forward to your visit with the spirit of "hospitality".
  • Shop/Spot name
    Shanghai Cuisine -->
  • Address
    191 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa (Chukagai Odori)
  • Tel
  • Business hours
    [Monday-Thursday / Sunday] 11: 30-22: 00 (LO) [Friday / Saturday / Day before public holidays] 11: 30-22: 30 (LO)
  • Credit card
    Possible (VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners
  • Parking
    Yes (Partner parking lot: Chinatown parking)
  • Smoking
  • Reserve
  • Charge
    10% service charge
  • Average usage
    [Night] ¥ 10,000- ¥ 14,999 [Day] ¥ 1,000- ¥ 1,999
  • Private room
  • Total number of seats
    300 seats
  • Pet
  • Takeout
  • Children's Menu
  • Drink
    アルコール有 ノンアルコール有
  • Course meal
    Yes (4,000-20,000 yen)
  • Charter all/Full booking