Showa University of Music "Teatro Girio Showa"

In the design of a full-scale general theater that harmonizes European tradition with the latest stage mechanism , beautiful and natural sound and a sense of unity between the stage and the audience are prioritized above all. Inheriting the tradition of the era when European opera theaters were most brilliant, a full-scale theater with horseshoe-shaped audience seats, which is rare in Japan, was born. With ample space and facilities and functions that are among the best in Japan, this theater can perform a variety of performing arts, including opera, ballet, and musicals. At this theater, students will gain practical experience by participating in various performances and creating the stage. The house main speaker is equipped with a "wave front sculpture speaker system" that has almost no difference in sound field due to phase interference, with the main purpose of correcting acoustics in preparation for performances that require sound correction by equipment. It can accurately represent operas that require fine and woven sounds to general music performances that require a specific volume. This text / photo is quoted from the following HP.
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