Takaku Bread Co., Ltd. Shonan Kobo Champagne Bakery

In Hiratsuka, where the writer of the Meiji era, Gensai Murai spent his last years, Takaku bread was founded over 70 years ago. Gensai Curry Bread, which was developed as part of the town's development, is a popular secret that curry roux with Fukujinzuke in a crispy dough kneaded with cooked rice. Because they are particular about freshly fried food, there is a high possibility that they will meet hot. In addition to the Gensai curry bread, the large suburban store "Shonan Kobo Champagne Bakery" opened by Takaku Bread in March 2012 has a wide variety of bread that the craftsmen are particular about the dough and filling.
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    Takaku Bread Co., Ltd. Shonan Kobo Champagne Bakery -->
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    4-46 Sakuragaoka, Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture
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    7: 00-19: 00



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