Yokohama Central Wholesale Market

As a market for Hama, "Yokohama City Central Wholesale Market" supports the kitchens of Yokohama citizens. Among them, the "home" that handles fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, and birds and eggs, and the "opening of market citizens" that takes place on the first and third Saturdays (9: 00-11: 00) are full of highlights. Including the "Tuna Dismantling Show", the "Fish Meister Class" where you can judge fresh fish in front of you and serve sashimi, the "Fish Meister Class" which is recommended for those who are not good at cooking fish, -40 degrees There are so many events that you can't go around, such as the "Market Expedition" where you can experience the low temperature world of Tuna.
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    Yokohama Central Wholesale Market -->
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    1 Yamanouchi-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
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    8: 30-15: 00