Healthy food Yuna Hira

At that time, we choose ingredients with "power" and vegetables-based dishes are popular. (Meat and fish are served not for vegetarian dishes, but for lunch noodles and evening courses.) The motto is that people of all ages can be healthy from the core of their bodies. It is a relaxing restaurant. In the daytime, the contents of one noodle dish change depending on the spring, summer, autumn and winter. At night, the course is from 6:00 pm to ¥ 3150 (mainly vegetables) and ¥ 5250 (reserved three days in advance). Hira's dishes are prepared by myself, so please make a reservation as it will be painful to wait. Please.
  • Shop/Spot name
    Healthy food Yuna Hira -->
  • Address
    4-161 Motomachi YU Building 1st floor
  • Tel
  • Business hours
    Lunch: 12: 00-14: 00 Dinner: 18: 00- (Complete reservation required) [Regular holiday] Irregular holidays (depending on the customer)
  • Credit card
  • Parking
  • Smoking
    If the customers who made the reservation agree, it is not possible if there is disagreement.
  • Reserve
  • Charge
  • Average usage
    900 yen for lunch 3000-5000 yen for night
  • Private room
  • Total number of seats
    25 seats (7 counter seats, 18 table seats)
  • Pet
  • Children's Menu
  • Drink
    Alcoholic Yes Non-alcoholic Yes
  • Course meal
    Night 3000 yen / 5000 yen
  • Charter all/Full booking



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