Garden from Kita Kamakura

It is an old folk house built over 75 years ago in Jochiji Tanito, about a 10-minute walk from Kita-Kamakura Station. It used to be a busy place as a pottery workshop, and there is still a firewood-fired pottery kiln in the garden. We hold many workshops and classrooms where you can feel the uniqueness of Kamakura, such as making Japanese sweets, pottery experience, sencha course, yoga, starry sky observation, plant observation, cooking class. Enjoy a moment of forgetting your daily life in a space surrounded by the voice of birds and green trees. We are holding a program that focuses on "Japanese" and "nature", which is typical of Kamakura. The Takaranoniwa Gallery, which is located next to the museum, sells works by artists based here (pottery, miscellaneous goods, accessories, accessories, etc.). We also sell smoked cheese and nuts from Kita Kamakura Smoke Studio.
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    Garden from Kita Kamakura -->
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    1418 Yamanouchi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture-B
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    Takaranoniwa Gallery Mon / Tue / Wed / Fri 10: 30-14: 30 / Saturday / Sunday 10: 30-16: 00



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