Yamashita Park & Hikawa Maru


500 meters from Chinatown you can find Yamashita park.

This park is one of the most beloved parks of local citizens and tourists.
It offers a romantic view of the Bay Bridge and ships passing through the port as well as Osanbashi Pier
with the International Cruise Terminal

Entering the park you can see an ocean liner “Hikawa Maru Yokohama”. It was built in 1929 and
ran a regular route between Yokohama,
Vancouver and Seattle before World War two. It had a reputation of splendid food and beautiful art interior,
so it was called “The Queen of the Pacific”. It is said that Charlie Chaplin enjoyed the trip on it.
Now it is a museum, so you can pay a visit and feel its majesty and luxury by yourself.

During spring and summer time there are amazing flower arrangements on display in Yamashita park.

Travel tip: Flower beds and a beautiful fountain called “The Guardian of the water” are the best photo spots for tourists.
In the evening there is a beautiful light up of the fountain.

Just across the road from the park you can see the largest inland lighthouse ?
Marine Tower. It is 106 meters high and has an observatory space at 100 meters above the ground. Nice café and fashionable restaurant is located there,
so one can enjoy a delicious lunch and a splendid view at once.

Trave tip: you can enjoy your trip on foot or have a joyride of Yamashita park and China town by jinrikisya.