Welcome to Yokohama, the harbour of the future! The place where the history of the old port intersects with the glamour and innovations of Minato Mirai area.
Located on the way from Haneda airport to Tokyo or from Tokyo to Hakone and Kamakura, Yokohama offers a wide range of sightseeing spots, shopping malls and delicious cuisine as well as the international atmosphere and hospitality of local citizens.
Come and feel the breath of life in Yokohama!

Yokohama Minatomirai
The spot you want to your go, you can search using the map.
It will introduce a rich content to enjoy the Minato Mirai.
  • Nogeyama Zoological Gardens

  • Yokohama Museum of Art
    [Yokohama Museum of Art]

  • Nippon Maru Ship

  • Cup noodle museum (Ando Momofuku Memorial Museum)

  • Shin-Yokohama Station

  • Hakone

  • Enoshima

  • Kamakura

  • Narita-san Temple Yokohama

  • Japanese-style garden where seasonal landscapes and historical buildings perfectly match

  • Iseyama Kotai Shrine

  • Wine stand basil
    [Queen's Square Yokohama [at! 1st 2F]

  • HUB
    [Colette Mare B1F]

    [Cross Gate 3 F]

    [Yokohama Grand Intercontinental Hotel]

  • Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu
    [Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu]

  • Yokohama Sakuragicho Washington Hotel
    [Yokohama Sakuragicho Washington Hotel]

  • New Otani Inn Yokohama Premium
    [New Otani Inn Yokohama Premium]

  • MARK IS Minatomirai
    [MARK IS Minato Mirai]

  • Queens East
    [Queen's East]

  • Queen's Square YOKOHAMA[at!]
    [Queen's Square Yokohama [at!]]

  • Colette Mare
    [Colette Mare]

  • Rinko park

  • Yokohama station

  • Cosmo World

  • Minato Mirai 21

  • Cosmo World


  • Yokohama station

  • SEE BASS Cruise

  • Tokyo Station

  • Shinagawa Station

  • Ikebukuro Station

  • Shinjuku Station

  • Fuji Shizuoka Airport

  • Fuji Mountain

  • Atami station

  • Fuji Shizuoka Airport

  • Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport)

  • Narita International Airport