Welcome to Yokohama, the harbour of the future! The place where the history of the old port intersects with the glamour and innovations of Minato Mirai area.
Located on the way from Haneda airport to Tokyo or from Tokyo to Hakone and Kamakura, Yokohama offers a wide range of sightseeing spots, shopping malls and delicious cuisine as well as the international atmosphere and hospitality of local citizens.
Come and feel the breath of life in Yokohama!

Yokohama Minatomirai
It will introduce a rich content to enjoy the Minato Mirai.


  • Teppan iron griddle cooking shared by all!
    With a teppan iron griddle, the food is cooked in front of your eyes and you see the savory juices and hear the sizzling. The food is then served to y
  • Five restaurants if you miss hamburgers.
    Even the Japanese love hamburgers! Gourmet burgers with juicy meat are trending. Here are hamburger restaurants for standard burgers, Japanese-style b
  • Shops serving delicious bread and coffee!
    There are many famous shops where customers come from afar to buy bread or coffee. In the case of bread, there is a great variety including sandwich b
  • To savor broths essential in Japanese cuisine.
    Broth (dashi) is the true basic ingredient of Japanese cuisine. Broth is already a standard fare among foreigners in Japan. It can be katsuo-bushi bon
  • Convenience stores to the rescue. Where are they?

  • Pubs to experience Japan's izakaya culture.

  • Restaurants specializing in chicken, including yakitori, fried chicken, and oyako-don. For chicken lovers!

  • To experience Japan's café culture with all five senses.

  • Meat festival with yakiniku and shabu-shabu at five restaurants!

  • Casual diners where many languages are spoken.

  • Restaurants to savor udon and soba noodles.

  • Restaurants for Japanese curry that keeps evolving.


  • Enjoy six ¥100 bargains.
    One ¥100 bargain in Minato Mirai is the Minato Mirai ¥100 bus that operates on weekends and national holidays only. Great way to get around town. You
  • Packaging to make it easy to carry home! How about Yokohama gifts you can easily preserve?
    Gifts to take home on a plane should be compact and not spoil! So here are Yokohama gifts that can be packed compactly or stored in sturdy containers.
  • Art is not just to look at. You can also experience it at these five places!
    Besides art that you look at, there's art you can hear or participate in and enjoy. There are various ways to participate. Since there are many changi
  • Shopping malls to visit.
    Minatomirai has seven shopping malls. Each one is different and each has a different variety of stores. Visiting all of them is fun or you can visit t
  • Yokohama city Family Friendly tour

  • Perfect for Minatomirai sightseeing! Five choices for buses, bicycles, and boats.

  • Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Shizuoka area

  • Restaurants having a Japanese-style room to experience Japan and relax.

  • Packaging to make it easy to carry home! How about Yokohama gifts you can easily preserve?

  • Outstanding museums by prominent Japanese companies.

  • Amusement spots that the entire family can enjoy.

  • Art is not just to look at. You can also experience it at these five places!


  • Great shops for Yokohama gifts!
    Yokohama is famous for shumai dumplings, historical Western confections, and many other original products found nowhere else. The "kawaii" (cute) pack
  • Very popular ¥100 and ¥300 gift stores.
    Japan's ¥100 stores sell high-quality merchandise, making them very popular with foreign tourists buying gifts. The stores have everyday items and use
  • Sports shops for those who love the outdoors.
    Japan is having a boom in outdoor activities. And so many outdoor goods are being sold and there are many outdoor shops. Some of them are unique found
  • Medical clinics that speak English.
    You want to describe the symptoms in detail, but you can only speak English. Not being able to communicate can be a critical situation. Here are clini
  • Medical clinics that speak English.

  • Locations of five ATMs and money exchange booths!

  • Ask for directions at information booths.

  • Drugstores for cosmetics and everyday necessities.

  • Five facilities geared for child-rearing mothers!

  • Stores for cute and useful baby goods.

  • Great shops for Yokohama gifts!

  • A site where craftsmanship such as traditional crafts shines